Savasana-Relaxation Pose

Treat Savasana, relaxation pose, with as much respect and devotion as all other postures.  This most difficult of postures teaches how to let go, to be still, to fully surrender. When the body is relaxed, the mind can follow.  Full relaxation only occurs when the mind relaxes and to learn this is to learn a skill like any other. Practice regularly, don’t give up and let your mind wander.  Just like it takes practice and effort to maintain any other pose for an extended period, the same is true for Savasana.  The mind is constantly resisting, offering itches and twitches and thoughts, don’t move, don’t scratch, don’t give attention to the thoughts, exhale and let them go!  Learn to stay still and you will not only relax but recharge.  When the mind does not get to rest you become tired and get agitated very quickly.  As the mind slows your prana, your energy is building, you are charging like a battery.  Reflect on what you do to relax, books and movies offer a chance to tune OUT, but the emotions and the mind keep racing.  Savasana is a chance to tune IN, where you can begin to quiet the oscillations of the mind.  Dive deep within and find the calmness and steadiness that is waiting there for you.   

Om Sri Hanumate Namaha.