There are 5 parts to Hatha Yoga.

  • Asanas, Yoga poses. These steady poses help maintain the health of the entire body, muscles, joints, organs, glands, circulatory system, nervous system and more
  • Pranayama, Breathing Exercises. The breath is the direct link between the body and mind and in learning to control the breath through specific techniques both body and mind can come into harmony in the present moment. On a more subtle level these exercises are stimulating or  balancing the prana or energy flowing within.
  • Mudras, hand gestures. Some familiar ones are joining the palms together in prayer position, and touching the thumb and index fingers together, as if saying okay. There are many of these gestures, all of which alter the way static currents flow in the body.
  • Bhandas, internal locks. These locks control the movement of prana, energy, within the body. These are practiced when students go deeper into the breathing exercises.
  • Shat Kriyas. Internal cleansing techniques. The most common one is perhaps the neti pot, which cleanses the sinus cavities.  There are several others for various parts of the body.